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We're tired of bulky, elastic waistbands and saggy butts.


Petite Length is HERE!!! We know we ladies are not all the same size and want to include as many body sizes as possible! We now have petite length for our shorter gals! 


The inseam on the Short Length Fleece Pant is 27 3/4". All other measurements are the same as the regular length version.



Short: 27 3/4" 

Regular: 32 1/2"


The Fleece Pant V2 (aka version 2) is here! We have updated the waistband with a reinforced front waistband to help them stay in place. The new waistband material has a brushed fabric feel, so instead of a sleek texture you will have the same warm fuzzy fabric on your waist and cuff as you have in your pockets! 


This fleece pant was created out of co-founder Erin's desire for warm pants that fit so she could comfortably go about kicking ass i.e. hunting, fly fishing, skiing, etc...


If you also struggle to find a warm layer that fits under snowpants or waders - or if you just need a cozy, comfortable pair of pants to wind down in, this is your sign to grab a pair (or two)!




They've been tested

  • Easy to clean
  • Nap approved ☆☆☆☆☆ (easy to sleep in- no buttons, clips or zippers to poke you)
  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Sitting in snow
  • Stargazing.。.:*☆
  • Camping

Fleece Pant V2

  • Our Fleece pant is intended to be worn as a second layer over a thermal base or leggings. VIEW CHART HERE

    • If you intend to wear as a second layer: Buy the size you normally would. If you normally wear a medium, the medium is what we suggest you buy.

    • If you intend to wear by themselves: If you intend on wearing the pants on their own as a "jogger style" - we recommend sizing down.

      • EXAMPLE: If you are a size medium, order the small.

    • If you are between sizes: If you are between sizes and want to wear the pant on it's own, we suggest you order the size down. 

      • EXAMPLE: If you are between a size small and medium, order the small.

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