Look at these britches

We're tired of bulky, elastic waistbands and saggy butts. VERSA Outfitters © is committed to a simple goal: making comfortable outdoor apparel. We are not chasing trends. We aim to make pieces that last and will serve you in your adventures!

VERSA Outfitters © was created out of co-founder Erin's desire for warm pants that fit well enough for her to comfortably go about kicking ass i.e., hunting, fly fishing, skiing, etc...

The problem was, she often found that the best pants for her favorite activities were in the men's section, so the fit was never right. If you're distracted by your pants falling down, or digging into your sides, or sagging in the wrong spots then you're not putting your full focus on what matters - the activity you'd like to enjoy. If your pant is so comfortable that you can get your mind off them and fully focus on the activity at hand, then we've done our job!

Not only did we want a pant that could handle the action- it had to be lounge tested. Can you chill on the couch in them all day and are they comfortable to sleep in? These are nap approved, ya'll. No matter your speed, you can enjoy these pants.